Toddler Sleep Problems

#1 Best Seller Baby Book on Amazon for Baby and Toddler Bedtime!

#1 Best Seller Baby Book on Amazon for Baby and Toddler Bedtime!

Almost all toddler sleep problems can be fixed by the introduction of a regular bedtime routine.

For most parents bedtime is the most frustrating, challenging and hardest parts of the day.   We want our toddler to go to sleep so we can finish our day in peace but often this is a lot harder than it seems like it should be.

Think about it from your child’s point of view – he has been busy doing exciting and fun things all day and abruptly he is told it’s bedtime so go to sleep.

Do any of these sleep problems sound familiar?

– Your child cries and whines at bedtime and refuses to go to bed.

– He or she gets up often with excuses like ‘he needs a glass of water, he needs to go to the bathroom, he forgot to brush his teeth, he has something important to tell you, etc.

– Your child wants to sleep with you

– Your child doesn’t get enough sleep and is cranky by mid-morning.

If any of this sounds familiar there is good news.  These can all be fixed.  The most common way is to establish a bedtime routine.  If you do the same thing every single night in exactly the same way leading up to bedtime your child will go to sleep more easily and with less fuss.

The routine serves as a transition for your child from the busy activity of the day to the winding down of the day and bedtime.

Kids love structure.  The more routine you can provide them the more they know what to expect and the less upset they get.  The key is to have the same routine every single day.  If anything disrupts the routine – like a phone call or an argument – it can throw the child off and make him or her ‘fussy.’

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