Bottle Snugglers Receives the Baby Planner Seal of Approval

Bottle Snugglers

Often times you hear a mom say “I wish I had one more hand so I could get things done.” As many of us know, taking care of our children and running a household on a day-to-day basis can be overwhelming at times. Is there such a thing that will help us tend to our kids while, at the same time, allowing us to be productive at home? Well, I am here to tell you about a product that can help!

Jennifer Marko, Founder of Bottle Snuggler, wants to help moms take a two second break from feeding one child so that they can either tend to another or simply take a quick mommy break. This doesn’t mean that a child should be left alone while using this product. Marko’s incredibly useful idea is an adorable bottle holder that doubles up as a stuffed animal for a child.  You have the choice of: Pinky Pig, Charming Teddy Bear, Cuddly Cow, or Precious Puppy. We received the ultra soft, well made, Precious Puppy for this review. I had mommy tester, Lovelyn (Jasmine’s mommy) from California, test out the product and here is what she had to say:

“Thanks for letting Jasmine try the Bottle Snuggler! I have 9 oz. Avent bottles which are wide and short, and I found it a little difficult to slide and adjust the Bottle Band around the bottle even when positioning the Bottle Band over the nipple end first.  Although she’s already knows how to hold a bottle, she still lets go of it sometimes and it would roll on the floor; the Bottle Snuggler kept the bottle in place even when she let go, which was great!  She also liked to chew on the dog’s ears!”

I contacted Jennifer after reading Lovelyn’s testimonial and told her about the bottle band issue, but Jennifer was way ahead of the game. Jennifer wrote back immediately to let me know that she appreciated the comment and that a change to the bottle band was already in the works. The Company is updating the design of the bottle band in their next production round so that they wrap around the bottle and Velcro, rather than being a full loop that goes over the bottle. This will definitely help people with wide or skinny bottles get an easy fit!

It’s important to remember that a product like this one is to help mom temporarily. A child should never be left unattended. It is extremely important that child be encouraged to hold their own bottle 98% of the time for developmental reasons.

Thanks so much to Jennifer for thinking of ways to help mommy out. As she knows firsthand, we try to be everywhere to do everything, but sometimes we just need a helping hand.  Thank goodness for the Bottle Snuggler! You can purchase the Bottle Snuggler for yourself or as a gift on their website, The product retails for $20.95, which is a very reasonable price for something so helpful, especially if you are a mom of multiples!